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Marketers - we've traveled miles in your shoes.


We are focused on understanding client and agency challenges and opportunities.  Then we outline solid plans to help them optimize for the future.  We take a hands on collaborative approach working quickly to deliver results for our clients.  Our consultants have been in your shoes on the client-side working in marketing, agency management and marketing operations, so we know your challenges.

Our nimble and experienced consultancy is led by marketing and agency management expert Jim Wallace.  He is an award-winning global marketer with over 25 years of client-side brand experience delivering campaigns that are both recognized and drive results.  He has won a dozen CLIOS including the Grand CLIO, several Cannes Lions, Gold Effies, and has been named in the Advertising Age Marketing 100.

He is an established leader in marketing operations and agency management who has delivered over $10 million in annual efficiencies for clients.  A pioneer in agency management he often speaks on panels, chaired an ANA agency committee for two years, and was chair of the ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference in 2018. 

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"We are proud to collaborate with Blum Consulting Partners best in class experts to help solve a broad range of in-house agency and marketing operations challenges. With Blum we work seamlessly together and customize joint programs designed specifically to meet our client’s needs."

Jim Wallace -

Founder & CEO 

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"Jim is one of the most knowledgeable and innovative thinkers in the area of marketing operations and agency management. He has a unique ability to create opportunities by exposing marketers to new ways of thinking. Blum Consulting Partners is proud to collaborate with Jim and combine our expertise in optimizing in-house agencies with his problem solving skills."


T. Alex Blum -

Founding Partner




Agency Management Roles & Responsibilities Survey Summary

ASM & Partners and WFA 2019

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